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Shree maathrey namaha - a brief story of Amba Pancharatnam of  Jagath Guru Adi Shankaracharya

Shree maathrey namaha, continuation of the Kundalini Yogam and Chakras.

Shree maathrey namaha, a brief attempt at the chakras and Kunadlini Yoga.

Shree maathrey Namaha - A brief attempt at the Ida and Pingala and Sushmna Nadis, the 3 most important spirtual nerves in our body

Shree maathrey namaha, In this story we discuss the importance of Madhu and Kaitaba to each of us in our day to day life . Stay blessed .

Story- Madhu Kaitaba

Shree maathrey namaha, a brief attempt at the very important Madhu Kaitabha story, both these mighty demons were borne out of the ear wax of Maha Vishnu during his Yoga Nidra.

Shree maathrey namaha, I wish you and your loved ones a safe, bright and prosperous Deepawali.  Here is a brief attempt at explaining the spiritual significance of Deepawali . Stay...

Shree maathrey namaha - in this episode , we make a brief attempt to discuss the details of Hayagreeva avatharam - the guru who taught Lalita Sahasranamam to Saint Agashtya

Sri Vidhya Path for All

Shree maathrey namaha, in this episode we make an attempt to understand how each one of us can progress ahead with Sri Vidhya as safely given in our Puranas with the powerful trans...

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